Notes - 2012 :

  • Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory
  1. “Surfaces à petits carreaux (suite)", course delivered by Jean-Christophe Yoccoz at Collège de France  -  part 1part 2part 3 ,  part 4 ,  part 5 ,  part 6part 7part 8part 9  and  part 10 
  2. Slides for my talks , at Univ. of North Carolina, University of Maryland and Penn State University  html 
  3. Hakan Eliasson’s talk on a problem of Michel Herman, a Colloquium Talk at UMD opening the activities of the Maryland-Penn State Dynamics Meeting html 
  4. Birkhoff sums for interval exchange maps: the Kontsevich-Zorich cocycle, a course delivered with Jean-Christophe Yoccoz at ICTP - School and Conference in Dynamical Systems    slides 1 , slides 2 , slides 3 , slides 4 , slides 5 , slides 6 , slides 7 , slides 8 , slides 9 , slides 10
  5. Fractal geometry of non-uniformly hyperbolic horseshoes, my talk in the First Palis-Balzan International Symposium on Dynamical Systems at Impa  -   slides  and  video
  6. Homoclinic/heteroclinic bifurcations, expanded version of the notes of my talk in the Ergodic Theory Workshop at the UNC, Chapel Hill organized by Idris Assani - introduction, Newhouse phenomena, thin horseshoes, fat horseshoes, slightly fat horseshoes A, slightly fat horseshoes B 
  7. Decay of correlations for flows and Dolgopyat’s estimate html  
  • Geometry
  1. The Willmore conjecture after Fernando Codá Marques and André Neves -  html
  2. Energy of links and Freedman-He-Wang’s conjecture after Ian Agol, Fernando Coda Marques and Andre Neveshtml
  3. Deformation of positive scalar curvature metrics in 3-manifolds (after Fernando Coda Marques)  -  html