Notes - 2010 :

  • Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory
  1. Ergodic Ramsey Theory: where Combinatorics and Number Theory meet Dynamics, 1ª Escola Brasileira de Sistemas Dinâmicos (minicourse taught jointly with Vitaly Bergelson with first week´s lecture notes written together with Yuri Lima)  -  1st lecture,   2nd lecture,   3rd lecture,   4th lecture,   5th lecture
  2. Square-tiled cyclic covers and totally degenerate origamis, slides presented in International Conference on Dynamical Systems celebrating Jacob Palis' 70th birthday -  pdf
  3. "Vers une vision globale de systèmes dynamiques", slides in french presented for the Matinée ChADoC at  Collège de France -  pdf
  4. "The local linearization problem of generalized interval exchange maps " html
  5. Symposium "Abel Prize 2010"  -  html
  6. Lyapunov spectrum of Kontsevich-Zorich cocycle on the Hodge bundle of square-tiled cyclic covers  - part 1 ,  part 2,  part 3 ,  part 4 , part 5